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Автор Тема: NJM Introduces the Enhanced Courser™ 230 Vial/Syringe Labeler  (Прочитано 2850 раз)
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NJM Introduces the Enhanced Courser™ 230 Vial/Syringe Labeler

 NJM, a ProMach product brand, introduces the newly enhanced Courser™ 230 vial/syringe labeler at Interpack Hall 13 / Stand A75 and Interphex Booth #2353. With a patent-pending design, this compact labeler features a trunnion starwheel for positive handling of vials, syringes and/or other small or unstable packages. A new vertical label spool dispenser, designed in collaboration with WLS (Weiler Labeling Systems), improves ergonomics and labeling accuracy. Ideal for pharmaceutical manufacturers, contract packers, 503B pharmacies, biotech companies and others running small batch sizes, Courser maximizes production versatility and saves floorspace.Get more news about Advanced Syringe Auto Feeder,you can vist our website!

Enhanced Courser Vial/Syringe Labeler
“Courser is the only automatic labeler on the market that can be built to handle both vials and syringes or dedicated to one. For customers that need to label multiple types of packages, its dual-purpose capability massively reduces the cost of investment as well as floorspace requirements,” said Omar Azam, Inside Sales Manager at NJM. “We’re continually developing new improvements for our equipment. This enhanced Courser with a vertical label spool dispenser combines the best technologies from NJM and WLS, both part of ProMach Pharma Solutions and leaders in the industry.”

NJM can configure Courser to label vials, syringes, bottles, ampules, cartridges, centrifuge tubes, auto-injectors and other small or unstable packages, with the option to later modify the system in the field. It achieves speeds of up to 250 vials per minute and 200 syringes per minute. An option for orienting packages allows for specific label placement, such as for containers with a flange or graduation, at speeds of up to 100 ppm.

An optional thermal transfer or laser printer can be equipped to print variable data, including serialized data, to pre-printed or blank labels before applying them. An optional print inspection system inspects the printed label on the web, while an optional label removal system ensures incorrectly printed labels are reconciled on a separate web and not applied to packages. An optional label placement inspection system identifies packages with missing labels and triggers a downstream reject device.

Courser’s new vertical label spool dispenser is mounted on the same floor mounted base as the printer and offers more robust construction and stability compared to a traditional horizontal design that’s cantilevered off the cabinet. By minimizing equipment vibration, Courser maximizes label accuracy, which is especially critical when graduations are pre-printed on the label. The vertical spool dispenser comes with its own electrical panel to simplify installation and startup.
The vertical label spool dispenser also enables a variety of options to be added. An optional ‘free loop’ label web facilitates continuous-motion printing for higher speeds. An optional second label unwind system, with a manual splicing table, lets the operator prepare a second label roll while the first one runs, virtually eliminating downtime when changing the label web.

Suitable for clear and opaque plastic, metallic and paper labels, Courser achieves a label placement accuracy of +/- 1 mm (1/32 inches). It applies wraparound, pressure sensitive labels from 16 to 89 mm (0.625 to 3.5 inches) high and 16 to 165 mm (0.625 to 6.5 inches) long. It handles vials from 14 to 50 mm (0.56 to 2 inches) in diameter and 20 to 95 mm (0.75 to 3.75 inches) in height, and it handles syringes from 7 to 32 mm (0.25 to 1.25 inches) in diameter and 55 to 137 mm (2.19 to 5.37 inches) in length. Courser changes over to handle a new package type and/or size in 10 to 15 minutes with minimal adjustments and no tools required.

Courser can be installed in line or as a stand-alone system. When in line, it relies on conveyors with side transfers to handle vials and powered infeed belts to handle syringes. For stand-alone operation, it can be configured with manual tray loading and discharge for vials and a non-powered track with guides for syringes. It offers continuous-motion handling with an option to operate using intermittent motion when orienting packages. This multi-functional labeler has a footprint that is only 3 m (120 inches) long and 1.7 m (67 inches) wide.
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