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The Chinese entertainment industry has grown rapidly over the last decade. As China continues to develop economically, its film industry is also increasing rapidly. Hence, Chinese actresses are some of the most beautiful women in the world. Do you want to know the top 10 most beautiful Chinese actresses in 2022? And who is the most famous Chinese actress? Today, we will list the Top 10 most beautiful and famous Chinese actresses. It is impossible to list all, so forgive us for leaving many. However, you can comment your favourite Chinese Actress below!To get more news about 精品人妻无码专区在线视频, you can visit our official website.

The first to begin the list of most beautiful Chinese actresses in 2022 we have Gigi Lai. She is a lovely Chinese actress and singer who has become famous after releasing albums in both Mandarin and Cantonese. She was born in Beijing in 1971 and started acting at age 14.

Tiffany Tang, AKA Tang Yan, is another famous Chinese actress and singer. She began her career by participating in the Shulei Century Star competition and won it. The very next year, she got selected for the Olympic Babies and performed at the closing ceremony of the Summer Olympics in 2004.

Yuan Li is a famous Chinese actress who has won several awards and recognition from her fans. She was born in Zhejiang, China, on July 12, 1973. She has graduated from the Bejing Film Academy.

At number 7, among the top 10 most beautiful Chinese actresses, we have Meng Jia. She is a Chinese actress and singer member of the South Korean girl group Miss A till 2016. She was born on 3rd February 1989 and was recruited by JYP Entertainment in 2007.

You’ve probably heard about Ma Yanli before, but did you know she is a Chinese actress, model and fashion designer? In her early 20s, she was a professional rowing champion. She left her professional career to pursue modelling. This Chinese model turned actress is one of the most sought-after celebrities in the Chinese Industry.

Fan Bingbing has become the face of China’s entertainment industry. She was once considered the highest-paid actress in the country, earning $100 million per year. Some of her famous roles are in the films Lost In Bejing, Budhha Mountain, My Way etc.

The multitalented Angelababy is the most beautiful Chinese actress, model and singer. She began her modelling career at the age of 13, signing a modelling contract with Style International Management. Her real name is Angela Yeung Wing, but she was often called baby in her school. Later, she combined Angela and Baby and made her stage name AngelaBaby.

Zhang Ziyi is a Chinese actress and model who is one of the Four Dan Actresses of China. She was born in Beijing in 1979 and grew up in Shanghai. From 2006 to 2010, Ziyi ranked in the Top 5 of Forbes China Celebrity 100 list.
The super talented and famous Chinese actress Dilraba Dilmurat is at number 2 in the top 10. Dilruba is a beautiful young actress from Xinjiang, China. She has become famous after starring in several dramas such as Anarhan (2013), Pretty Li Huizhen (2014), and Love Is Not Blind (2015). Her role as the female protagonist in Pretty Li Huizhen earned her a nomination for the 30th Flying Apsaras Award.

Gong Li is a Chinese actress who made her film debut in Red Sorghum. She is considered one of the greatest Chinese actresses and topped our list. Her career spans almost four decades. She starred in several films before becoming an international superstar. At present, she is 55 years old. Her first role was in the 1987 martial arts epic Hero. She won numerous accolades, including two Golden Globes, three BAFTA Awards, four Césars, and five Academy Awards. She also received a special award from the American Film Institute.
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