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7 Individuals Prove That Every Body Is Sexy in Empowering Photo Series

Influencer Meg Boggs wanted all women to feel sexy, no matter their shape or size. The mom and blogger joined forces with other influencers and Health's WomenIRL to create a campaign that encouraged those who identify as women to feel sexy in their own skin.To get more news about 欧美色精品视频在线观看九, you can visit our official website.

"Sexy looks and feels different on everyone, but we all have it and are allowed to own it," Boggs told Health. "We want to encourage and empower as many women as possible to embrace and own their sexiness, too."

Boggs explained that feeling sexy didn't always come easily.

"I never felt it until this past year, not until after noticing other women, similar to my body type, owning their sexiness so openly," Boggs said. "It felt rare to see, but just in those rare moments, I felt the shift in how I embraced my own."

Boggs spoke to their friend Bethanie Garcia, and the two came up with the idea to launch a campaign that featured individuals sharing how they came to embrace sexy, too. So Boggs rounded up influencers from five other accounts—and the results were stunning.I would have never described myself as sexy. Sexy, in my previous mindset, was anything but me. It wasn't a word to describe me or my body. In fact, sexy felt out of reach for me.

I thought sexy looked one way. Had one style. Could only be acknowledged in one body type. Be one certain type of experience. I would read magazine headlines about how to achieve the ultimate sexiness. The very best version of sexy. And I believed that for such a long time.

It all felt so unachievable for me. No matter how much strain I put on my body in order for it to change, still, it would never look like what the world labeled as sexy.Towards the end of my 20s, I began to mourn the loss of my 'sexy dream body' goals. When I sort of realized that it's something I would never have. But... a shift around me was happening. Every now and then, my eye would catch the glimpse of a woman who looked similar to me... completely owning her body.

Owning her sexiness. Owning who she was as a woman. And it sort of hit me like a ton of bricks. Wait, does that mean I'm... sexy too? Can I find confidence too? My feelings around this were swirling and brewing. Woah. This was big. This was the power of positive influence that was creating this much-needed shift.

Little moments started happening where I'd feel it. I'd actually feel sexy. These feelings turned into visual moments. I'd see a sexy body as I locked eyes with myself during mirror moments. And my visual moments turned into flooding thoughts. I'd mix my visual and emotional cues, allowing myself the permission to embrace what was happening.

I spent the first several years of motherhood feeling anything but sexy. My body had endured so many changes, and I honestly didn't recognize the woman I saw staring back at me in the mirror.

My husband always wanted me and told me how beautiful and sexy I was, but those words didn't make me feel any better about myself internally. They were like little Band-Aids that made me feel better for a moment, but the wound was still open and there.

Once I started my journey towards self-love and body positivity, there was a huge shift in my mentality. I started loving my body, appreciating my body, and seeing my body for what it was. My body has endured loss, my body has given me four healthy children, my body has struggled with anxiety and depression, and my body has overcome.

And once I was actively appreciating and loving my body, I couldn't help but see it as sexy. I started flirting and teasing my husband and wearing lingerie I wouldn't have dreamed of wearing before.

I started seeing every roll and curve and dimple as beautiful. I started feeling sexy for living my life unapologetically—regardless of my size. I wasn't worried about what people thought or what society's definition of sexy is.
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