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Автор Тема: Best Sex Toys You Can Buy Online  (Прочитано 125 раз)
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Best Sex Toys You Can Buy Online

The Cut has rounded up 23 of the best sex toys you can buy online. To find them, we combed through brutally honest Amazon reviews and sought the guidance of two experts: Polly Rodriguez and Penda N’diaye.To get more news about 99久久免费高清, you can visit our official website.

Rodriguez is the founder of the online sex shop Unbound. “The vast majority of people who come to us are looking to buy a vibrator for the first time,” she says. She always tells them that before you buy a sex toy, you should first try to “understand what the high-level use case is that you’re looking to buy a product for.” In other words, spend some time thinking about how you’ll realistically be incorporating it into your life.N’diaye is the host of a podcast, Pro Hoe, where she speaks with creative types about self-pleasure; Black sexual wellness; and sexual identities. She also organizes sponsored community events that create a safe space to discuss sexual experiences and trauma.

“Kinky sex can be the best way to ‘self-care’ and there’s a toy out there everyone’s unique preferences,” N’diaye says. “Whether you’re into solo play, play with others, or both, the wide selection of stimulating vibrators, strokers for trans men, and remote-controlled vibrators makes choosing a new sex toy easy — if a tad overwhelming. The trick is to focus on the areas that you want to pleasure and stimulate the most.”

Read on for their recommendations of the best sex toys for every scenario, whether you’re looking for a wand vibrator, entry-level butt plugs, or under-bed restraints.
This vibrator was recommended by Penda N’diaye. It can be used solo or with a partner. There are 12 pleasure settings, it’s waterproof, and was designed to unlock both the G-spot and clitoral orgasm.

“If you’re looking to explore deeper clitoral stimulation, opt for this vibrator,” says N’diaye. “It provides pulsations and gentle bursts of air on a person’s genitals to emulate oral sex. This toy basically does all of the work sans tongue or fingers. Perfect for solo play and sex with a partner.”

The Svakom Echo Violet is small, quiet, and discreet, but reviewers say it’s still powerful enough to get the job done. You can press the up or down arrows on the device’s surface to increase or decrease the intensity of vibration, and it’s cordless, too. Just charge it in an outlet.

“Often, design is an afterthought,” Rodriguez says about more traditional sex toys. But if the future of these products seems minimalist, it’s in part because it allows people to bring their own fantasy into their sessions. As Rodriguez explains, “It’s really important to give people the opportunity to define what is sexy for themselves.”
If you’re looking to get creative, this dice set is just the thing. By combining the 6-, 10-, and 12-sided dice in pairs, you can generate 60 foreplay situations and 24 different sex positions. The set even comes with a booklet of illustrations, instructions, and tips to help you make the most of the positions you and your partner roll.

With 72 percent of the 57,083-plus reviews being positive (we’re talking five stars), it’s no secret that the Satisfyer Pro 2 is a best seller. For under $40, it provides 11 intensity settings that simulate the sensations you feel during oral sex. Seriously, don’t add this to your cart until you read the reviews. They are hilarious and will convince you you’re making a great purchase.

This silicone vibrator is wireless for easy handling and has a bendable neck to ensure you get the right angle. It’s easily rechargeable — just plug it into any USB port or outlet. But the Mini Halo’s best feature is easily its 20 different vibration settings. You’re bound to find one that’s right for you.

The Magic Wand is largely regarded as the best wand-style vibrator out there, as evidenced by over 3,000 glowing Amazon reviews. Wand vibrators, Rodriguez notes, are often really big, which works to their advantage. “The more space you have, the stronger the motor can be, which allows for stronger rumbling vibration. When you condense a motor, it has a higher frequency and so the vibration is a little bit more buzzy,” she explains.
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