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Автор Тема: The Best SLS 3D Printers of 2022  (Прочитано 1863 раз)
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The Best SLS 3D Printers of 2022

Prized for its ability to create engineering-grade parts with excellent mechanical properties and fine resolution incredibly fast, SLS (selective laser sintering) 3D printing is what engineers and industrial designers turn to for functional rapid prototypes and end-use parts.Get more news about Selective Laser Sintering Printer Company,you can vist our website!

Advancements in technology have made SLS printers more affordable and compact. Not long ago, all SLS machines were bulky and expensive. There are now a good number of office-friendly benchtop SLS 3D printers on the market, and even industrial-size machines have become less costly compared to traditional fabrication techniques.

If you’re looking to buy your first SLS 3D printer or upgrade to a more powerful version, this updated buyer’s guide takes a deep dive into the technology and the latest desktop and industrial-scale SLS printers on the market. We’ll also explore what third-party SLS 3D printing services have to offer and why it may be a good idea to take SLS printing for a spin before investing in a machine.

Why choose SLS?
SLS 3D printing uses high-powered lasers to fuse powdered plastic material together into 3D shapes. It can create parts that are finely detailed, strong, durable, heat resistant, and flexible (when needed) all at once.

Printer manufacturers often boast that SLS prints rival injection molding products in terms of strength and precision. When compared to injection molding, 3D printing can create parts that have internal channels, lattice structures, and other features not possible with molding.

SLS also offers a high degree of predictability in material and mechanical properties, so it’s popular in aerospace, medical, and regulated industries. Furthermore, SLS printing is mostly support-free, which expands your ability to design and produce very complex geometries.
SLS 3D printing is more widely used today, but it’s not a perfect technology. Despite its advances, SLS printing is still relatively expensive and powder handling can be messy when done by hand (although some vendors offer enclosed solutions).

Add-on depowdering units – like the Formlabs Fuse Sift – cut down on the mess, but they will naturally bring up the total cost of your SLS investment. Higher-end and industrial-level machines can offer depowdering solutions as default, but again, they will also require the buyer to dig deeper.

On the plus side of things, much of the loose powder can be recycled, which lowers material costs and makes SLS a more sustainable technology than injection molding or machining. And, compared to the tools needed to create single or short-run of custom parts and prototypes by injection molding, SLS 3D printing usually comes out as the more affordable solution.

All in all, SLS 3D printing is a powerful technology for the right applications. Whether it suits your purposes depends entirely on the design of your parts, the material requirements, and the application itself. Keep these factors in mind as you read on, and find out which printer is right for you.
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