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Автор Тема: BUTYL WATERPROOFING TAPE  (Прочитано 1474 раз)
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Butyl rubber adhesive tape stands for single-sided or double-sided rolled self-adhesive tape made of butyl rubber and self-protected by a release paper available in various sizes and colors. They can form an instant seal against water, air or dust, and remain permanently soft.To get more news about Butyl Waterproof Tape, you can visit senpinghz.com official website.

Butyl Tape is a highly tacky, self-fusing butyl rubber mastic, ideal for making water and humidity resistant seals. It is a high tack sealant with excellent adhesion to metal, other roofing, and other insulating materials. It maintains its tack and flexibility to temperatures as low as -20 degrees, and It maintains no flow at temperatures as high as 120 degrees
Construction steps
Step 1: Clean up Before the construction, the surface of the base must be cleaned or wiped clean, and keep dry without water, floating soil, or oil. Step 2: Cut off Cut or choose the proper size of butyl sealing tape according to actual working conditions. Step 3: Tear off Tear off the release film on the back of butyl tape and paste it on the gap. Step 4: Paste on After the adhesive tape is pasted, press the tape with hands or rollers to make the tape fully bond with the base surface.
Sinomaco butyl waterproof sealing tape is one kind of sealing tape made of butyl rubber, polyisobutylene adhesive coated with strong adhesive force and good thermal stability, and with the release film or paper. When using, simply remove the release paper or film.

Butyl waterproof sealing tape is also known as self-adhesive sealing tape because of its excellent and strong adhesion to various surfaces. It has excellent weather resistance, aging resistance and excellent water resistance. It has the functions of sealing, shock absorption and protection on the surface to be adhered. Because it is completely solvent-free, it does not shrink, does not emit toxic gases, and is easy to construct. It is the excellent waterproof sealing material in buildings, so it is also called butyl waterproof tape.
Application method

1. The surfaces to be sealed must be dry, capable of bearing load and free from grease and dust. Remove all loose dust and dirt with a wire brush and soft broom from the area of application.

2.Unroll and cut butyl tape to the required length.

3. Peel the backing strip and apply the adhesive side onto the prepared substrate.

4. Smooth down using a roller or gentle fingertip pressure to prevent air pockets and creases, and to ensure a good tight seal.It is very important to press down the edges and ends of the tape. All joint connections have to be overlapped min. 50 mm.
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