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Автор Тема: Update for my 1st review that I wrote on March 14 2022  (Прочитано 478 раз)
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« : 25 Апрель 2022, 08:34:57 »

Update for my 1st review that I wrote on March 14 2022

After 49 days since my withdrawal approval date(21st Feb 2022) on 10/04/2022, and ignoring some of my emails, TheTradersDomain returned my 10000 USD to my trading account as they could not transfer it by wire transfer to Australia. So I have to use crypto withdrawal and pay the commission which is at least 2.5 % on their side. ( there will be some other commission on any crypto exchange you receive it).To get more news about traders domain, you can visit wikifx.com official website.

In my emails with the support team, as I mentioned before, they weren't responsive and supportive enough. They replied to my emails with delay and ignored some. They did not even apologise once for this stressful and unreasonable delay. If I could give a rating to the support team separately, I would barely give them even one star.

When I got disappointed from the support team and the way they ignored my emails, on the 44th day, I managed to message Uncle Ted directly. The first thing he did was that he apologised for the delay. He followed it up and then explained me the situation and told me that I don’t need to be worried of losing my money. In about 5 minutes, I received an email from the support team updating me about the situation.

So, from here I would like to thank Uncle Ted for his nice attitude and supportive response to my message. I think he deserves a better support team who can protect his good reputation in a better way.

Mar 14, 2022 - 2 Stars Before writing my review, I'd like to mention that I've been working with this broker for about 8 months and I'm not just a random new customer.

When something goes wrong with TheTradersDomain, you're not sure when and how your problem will be solved. You have access to the support team only by email (no phone number available for the support).

I recently requested for withdrawing 10,000 USD from my account and it's been about 22 days (since 21st Feb - Withdrawal approval day) and I still haven't received my money to this date. It was supposed to arrive in 7-10 business day. They put me in huge financial trouble and I'm paying the cost of this delay every day and they absolutely don't care. They are not even responsible enough to answer me properly. I don't know where the money is and when this problem is going to solve. I sent them a few emails and they only keep saying that they're awaiting to receive information from their processor (?!) Apparently, they use a third-party processor for deposit/withdrawal which means they don't know themselves what's going on.

Long story short, they are not scammers as I've been working with them for a while. They do good job when there is no issue and no specific customer support is needed. But keep in mind that if something goes wrong, they are not reliable and not even responsive/supportive enough to their own customers. You can easily be in a huge trouble like me as you can't rely on them. And the worst part is that when you are in trouble, there is no help or support and you can't do anything just to wait and hope one day your problem will be solved.
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