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Автор Тема: World of Warcraft: New Jailer Model Raises Questions About The Villain's Past  (Прочитано 1145 раз)
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World of Warcraft: New Jailer Model Raises Questions About The Villain's Past

World of Warcraft: Shadowlands Patch 9.2, Eternity’s End, is currently on the Public Test Realm, meaning its files are free for dataminers to crack open. A new model discovered in World of Warcraft’s files has cast some confusion regarding the history of Zovaal the Jailer, the antagonist of Shadowlands. Warning: Spoilers for the World of Warcraft: Shadowlands expansion below.To get more news about Safe WoW Gold, you can visit lootwowgold.com official website.

The datamined model appears to be a simplified, mannequin-esque version of the Jailer, stripped down to its baser components. Though it bears only passing resemblance to Zovaal, the chest cavity and signature Domination runes suggest a connection with the Shadowlands villain.
The Jailer was the original Arbiter of the Shadowlands before betraying the other leaders and being imprisoned within the hell-like Maw. However, in the Sepulcher of the First Ones, players will confront prototypes of the Shadowlands Pantheon of Death–beta versions of the Eternal One leaders. However, this new prototype Arbiter model seems to be inactive, damaged, and less-complete than the rest of the prototype Pantheon, raising questions as to what role it will play in the story, and where it will appear.

The most obvious theory names the model as an unfinished or destroyed version of Zovaal. It is possible The Jailer did not want the Maw Walkers to see an unfinished version of himself and learn his secrets, maybe even going so far as to destroy it himself. However, this theory begs the question of why the automaton has the runes of Domination on it–which were inscribed upon his flesh by the Primus as a part of his imprisonment, not built into his blueprint. Possible explanation could be that the model is actually the corpse of the Jailer after his defeat in Eternity's End, the runes were added later by the Jailer or someone else, or simply that the developers forgot the history of the runes in their attempt to make the model recognizable.

Regardless, some players were actually intrigued by the newly-discovered model and the secrets it held. The World of Warcraft art team did a good job making the discarded automaton seem sad and hopeless, leading some players to actually empathize with it. Players are eager to discover the truth of the mannequin and what part it has to play in the upcoming narrative of Eternity's End.

Other players were unmoved by this discovery. Many believe the high concept of Zerith Mortis and Eternity’s End are too detached from what made them love World of Warcraft, and see Zovaal as a two-dimensional villain. This model is just another detail in a story that has divested their interest in the Shadowlands narrative. Regardless of opinion, the story of the Shadowlands and the Jailer is ending soon, so players will not have to wait long to see what is in store for them in Eternity’s End and in whatever comes next.
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