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Автор Тема: Best NBA City Edition Uniforms for 2021-22 Season  (Прочитано 1020 раз)
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Best NBA City Edition Uniforms for 2021-22 Season

In honor of the league's 75th anniversary season, each team's City Edition uniforms represent "the ultimate basketball moments mixtape – a compilation of the franchise’s greatest hits through the years."To get more news about kobe 24 jersey, you can visit formaxproductions.com official website.

Some are boring (looking at you, Thunder) and others are ugly (hello, Heat). But there are also several sweet-looking sets.
10. New York Knicks
Everything's coming up Knicks. Not only are they playing great basketball, but they’re also rolling out great uniforms. Their shorts rival the Memphis Grizzlies (who we'll get to shortly) for the best in the entire City Edition collection.

9. Minnesota Timberwolves
The only bad thing to say about these is that they aren’t the Prince-inspired uniforms from a few years ago. Love the trees on the jersey and shorts.

8. Memphis Grizzlies
Have the Grizzlies ever sported bad uniforms? From the logo on the shorts to the subtle bear claw marks on the "Memphis" lettering and the "MEM" pattern, these are a slam dunk.

7. Phoenix Suns
The Suns knocked it out of the park with their City Edition unis last season. Running it back wasn't a bad choice.

6. Houston Rockets
Something like this should be the Rockets’ permanent uniform set. Or at least just bring back the pinstripes.

5. Toronto Raptors
What do you get when you combine OVO’s black and gold colors with one of the NBA’s best vintage logos? Awesome City Edition uniforms.

4. Brooklyn Nets
The uniforms and court are going to make it feel like the Nets are back in East Rutherford, N.J. All that will be missing is Sly Fox. In all seriousness, the Nets did a fantastic job blending together their Long Island and New Jersey roots, while also adding a touch of Brooklyn.

3. Philadelphia 76ers
Non-Sixers fans might have been confused by the different-colored blocks on the side of the jersey. But the nod to the Spectrum was a great idea and executed to perfection.

2. Atlanta Hawks
You don’t typically see the combination of a team’s city/name and logo on the front of a jersey. But, like the Raptors, the Hawks were able to pull it off with a great throwback logo.

1. Charlotte Hornets
It’s only right that the NBA’s most fun team to watch has the best City Edition unis. Yes, there’s a ton going here, but the colors and hive pattern are so good. Can’t wait for the first LaMelo Ball-to-Miles Bridges alley-oop in these.
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