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Автор Тема: Looking back at the best and worst uniform looks for every NFL team  (Прочитано 1546 раз)
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Looking back at the best and worst uniform looks for every NFL team

Nearly a fourth of the NFL changed uniforms in 2020. That makes it as good of a time as any to revisit every team's best and worst looks in their respective histories. We're confining this to the Super Bowl era, when NFL fashion began to take off, but older designs worn by teams as throwbacks are included. The choices are specific, with the home or away uniform pictured being the pick for each franchise.To get more news about nfl jerseys china, you can visit buyviagraonline24hours.com official website.

We start with the then-Phoenix Cardinals' white-on-red away attire. What bumps these over the Aeneas Williams-Jake Plummer-era home attire: the Arizona state flag on the sleeves. The Cards relocated from St. Louis in 1988 but did not use this wrinkle until '89. Featuring it for five seasons gave the team some additional flair. And let's face it: The Cardinals of the '90s wore some pretty basic home uniforms. Rod Tidwell did spend most of "Jerry Maguire" in the reds, but mid-montage, there is a clip of the brooding wideout sprinting for a touchdown in the whites.

The Cardinals ditched their longtime uniform in 2005, moving to a look not as timeless as their previous threads. These stirrups, particularly displeasing on the team's road white-on-white design, have seen their time pass. It's unfortunate Larry Fitzgerald was required to wear these in all but one season of his Hall of Fame career. The random splash of red on the shoulder pads does not help Arizona's cause. The Kyler Murray era needs a rebrand soon.

This is probably the dissenting opinion, but the Falcons looked sharp in their home reds of the 1980s. Before Atlanta went with its famed black-on-gray look upon black aficionado Jerry Glanville's 1990 arrival, its red-on-gray attire — complete with the black logo on the sleeves and a severely underrated helmet — flashed in one of the NFL's premier uniform eras. The Falcons not being especially good while wearing these unis should not detract from the design's place in history. It is unfortunate these threads haven't seen the light of day since 1989.

Atlanta's uniform timeline, and scheme, is close to Arizona's. The team appeared in Super Bowl XXXIII in its quality 1990s look and saw Michael Vick stun the Packers in the 2002 divisional round in that design. But in 2003 the Falcons introduced this concept. For road uniforms that have the team's colors thrown into random places, these are both unspectacular and unnecessarily complicated all at once. The jury is still out on the franchise's radical 2020 redesign, but they may represent a slight improvement on this bottom-tier road look.

The gold in the Ravens' color scheme saw action in a memorable 2015 game (for uniform purposes) against the Chiefs, and while that did not go well , Baltimore's color rush attire made up for it. Purple is not the easiest color to make work, but the Ravens' est.-2016 purple (feat. gold) attire does. Ravens numbers have never looked better, and the team — armed with an MVP quarterback in Lamar Jackson — should consider pivoting to these full time over the slightly overrated Ray Lewis-era design. The team not wearing these in 2020 is concerning, however. A uniform subplot to monitor in 2021.

Whether the Ravens' current design is overrated or not, it was an upgrade from the team's Year 1 look. The contrast between uniforms in this photo is jarring, with the 1996 Ravens sporting bulky numbers and a purple jersey that did not match the home black pants. There's nothing wrong with the first Ravens logo, which the franchise kept for three seasons, but the team quickly realized these uniforms were a mistake. Baltimore moved closer to its modern design in 1997.
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