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Автор Тема: 8 Best Cold Press Juicers to Buy in 2022  (Прочитано 2021 раз)
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8 Best Cold Press Juicers to Buy in 2022

There’s something about juice that makes it superior to water, wine or even coffee. Not only does it keep you hydrated, taste good and perk you up, but consuming homemade juice in moderation comes with a plethora of health benefits. For example, it helps feed good bacteria to your gut, can detox your liver, lower blood sugar levels, improve the health of your skin and hair, may even assist in weight loss and of course, is the super-easy way to reach your daily fruit and vegetable intake.To get more news about tube et jujubes, you can visit hl-juicer.com official website.

But if you’re wanting to ditch the expensive (and often sugary) store bought juices for homemade goodness, simply purchasing the first juice machine you see on the market isn’t necessarily the wisest decision. Our advice? Opt for a cold press juicer over a traditional centrifugal one. The reason is the latter uses ultra high-speed spinning blades, which although result in making juice incredibly quickly, creates heat that destroys heat-sensitive nutrients found in the fresh produce going through the juicing chute.
So, because a cold press juicer doesn’t operate at such a fast speed or create a large amount of heat, the result is a true cup of pulp-free goodness filled to the brim with all the essential nutrients and enzymes. They’re also much quieter than centrifugal models, which is especially perfect if you live with family or housemates who aren’t particularly early birds like you.

Here, we’ve compiled a list of the best cold press juicers you can find on the market. The guide includes a range of options catering to different price points, storage spaces, noise levels and even juicing expertise.The Optimum H300 ticks all the boxes of a perfect high-quality cold press juicer. It features an extra-large chute so you can forget about chopping up all your ingredients, it operates at 300 watts to effectively juice leafy veg like celery and kale, and even has a heating function if you want to make warm nut milk.

Users have commented on how quiet it is to operate and easy it is to clean. As one reviewer summed it up: “The Optimum H3000 2nd Gen is brilliantly easy and intuitive to use and clean. It's also much less noisy than most juicers, which comes handy when making juice early in the morning while other household members are still asleep.”
Most cold press juicers will set you back a few hundred dollars but not this one from Iwodtech. It comes in three different colourways - all of which are priced around $150 - and has the option to operate between a ‘soft’ and ‘hard’ speed mode to seamlessly extract all kinds of fruits and veggies. To wash it, all you need to do is press one button for it to disassemble in a few seconds, then simply hand wash or place the detachable parts in the dishwasher.

And despite its low price tag, the quality is still comparable to the most expensive models on the market. One user reviewed it, saying: “We've been using it regularly for about two months now, and it's very sturdy and seems like it will last for years. For the price, it's a great investment and I'd highly recommend it.”

Others have even commented on how quiet it is: “This machine is the quietest juicer that I've ever owned or operated. While it's not silent, I would imagine that if someone was sleeping in the next room, this would not wake them up. And it's not offensive in any way to operate--some juicers and blenders are so noisy! But not this one.”If it’s your first time dabbling into the world of juicing, this one from Russell Hobbs is probably the easiest cold press juicer to wrap your head around. It includes a fine filter for juice with less pulp, a coarse filter for more pulp and even a frozen fruit attachment to make sorbet with. Moreover, it comes with a one litre container that captures your juice, which you can also use to refrigerate any leftovers. Apart from the sweet price of this model, we also love how compact it is.

The extra-large seven centimetre wide feeding tube on this Philips machine eliminates the need to chop up all your ingredients into smaller pieces before passing them through the chute. While the juicer is definitely on the larger side, reviewers have claimed it’s still easy to thoroughly clean, with some even getting the task done in under two minutes.
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