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Автор Тема: Best Places to Eat in Shanghai!  (Прочитано 2219 раз)
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« : 14 Март 2022, 04:51:53 »

Best Places to Eat in Shanghai!

Other than being a vibrant cosmopolitan city with lots of fun activities, you can find plenty of delicious food in Shanghai as well. Below is a list of 13 great places to eat in Shanghai, categorized into 7 main locations: Century Avenue, LuJiaZui, YuYuan Garden, People’s Square, the French Concession area, Jing’an Temple, and ZhuJiaJiao. I hope you find this list helpful! If you have any questions, please feel free to ask them in the comments section below.To get more news about Best places to eat in Shanghai China, you can visit shine news official website.

1. QuanJuDe (全聚德)
How could we go China and not try Peking Roast Duck? We got our roast duck fix at QuanJuDe (全聚德), located inside Purple Mountain Hotel (紫金山大酒店). This Chinese restaurant has a longstanding culinary heritage, with its first branch opened in Beijing in 1864. It is world-famous for its signature Peking Roast Duck dish.

We ordered half a Peking Roast Duck for RMB 128. A Chinese chef used his immaculate knife skills to carve the roast duck into fine slices right beside our table. It was like watching a live culinary performance! First, he gave us the thin and crispy duck skins, and told us we could eat it with the sugar provided. After a short while, he finished slicing the entire duck and the meat slices were served to us neatly on a plate. In true Beijing-style, we wrapped the meat with scallion and cucumber sticks in the crisp pancake skins, and dipped it in sweet bean sauce.
2. South Beauty (俏江南)
South Beauty is a classy Sichuan restaurant located on the top floor of Super Brand Mall. This is one of the most popular restaurants in Shanghai, frequented by both locals and tourists alike.

I especially loved the signature dish, Sliced Pork with Homemade Sauce (78RMB). It was served with the pork slices hanging tantalizingly from a wooden stand. I wrapped the pork slices around the vegetables sticks, dipped it with the savoury sauce, and put it into my gaping mouth. The meat had a rich and savoury taste, with the vegetables providing a refreshing touch. I loved it! We enjoyed the other feisty Sichuan dishes as well: Sichuan sour & spicy soup (58RMB), Diced chicken in sichuan style (68RMB), Sliced pork with mashed garlic (48RMB) and Fried cowpea with sambal sauce (58RMB). South Beauty is a must-try if you are in Shanghai!
3. Riverside Promenade (滨江大道)
Apart from The Bund, the Riverside Promenade is another popular riverside attraction along the majestic Huangpu River. It is located directly opposite The Bund. There is a chain of cafes and bistros here, and it is a great experience to simply chill in one of the cafes and enjoy the stunning skyline of Shanghai.

4. NanXiang Steamed Bun Restaurant (南翔馒头店)
NanXiang Steamed Bun Restaurant is a famous Chinese restaurant at Yuyuan Garden (豫园) that serves soup dumplings. The restaurant has three levels: Level one is for take-aways only, the queues are the longest, you can only order soup dumplings, and the dumplings are the cheapest. Level two is for dining in, but you can only order soup dumplings, and they are slightly more expensive than level one. Level three is for dining in, you can order a variety of food, the dumplings are the most expensive among the three levels, and there is a minimum charge of RMB80 per person.

5. Hai Di Lao (海底捞火锅)
We went at about 10pm without making reservations and had to wait in the holding lounge area for about fifteen minutes. There was a large screen playing a movie here, and we were served with drinks and snacks. There were even board games to keep us occupied. This was top-notch service even before the actual meal – I wouldn’t mind spending more time in the comfortable lounge!

Our queue number was called out and we were promptly escorted to a table. From this point, we had an amazing dining experience. Our orders came fast, the staff were all friendly and helpful, I was given a lens-cleansing cloth for my glasses, and Raevian was given an elastic band to tie up her hair. Furthermore, we were served with complimentary tea and given warm towels multiple times during the meal to clean our hands. It felt like we were VIP customers!
6. Jia Jia Tang Bao (佳家汤包)Jia Jia Tang Bao DumplingJia Jia Tang Bao Shanghai
Jia Jia Tang Bao is a modest restaurant located along an unassuming street in Shanghai that serves AWESOME soup dumplings. While waiting for our dumplings, we had a bowl of Seaweed Soup (紫菜蛋皮汤) for a very affordable 4 RMB. It felt really good to drink a bowl of savoury hot soup in the cold November weather!

The piece de resistance was, of course, the dumplings. We ordered 12 pieces of the Crab Roe and Pork Dumpling (蟹粉鲜肉汤包) for 27 RMB. These arrived 15 minutes after the soup. As I sank my teeth into the smooth dumpling skin, the savoury juices within the dumpling spurted out and filled my mouth with its wonderful flavour. It tasted GREAT. These were easily the best dumplings I had ever tasted in my life! Yes they are THAT good! The stock was rich and bursting with flavour, and just simply tasted perfect. I could have easily finished all 12 lumps of perfection by myself.
7. Yang’s Dumpling (小杨生煎)
Yang’s Dumpling is famous for its pan-fried dumplings. It is just across the street from Jia Jia Tang Bao. We ordered one plate of the pan-fried dumplings (铁板生煎包). The fried skin was crisp and crunchy to the bite, and the stock within the dumpling had a delicious savoury flavour. This is a must-try if you are in Shanghai!

8. Simply Thai (天泰餐厅)
Simply Thai is a Thai restaurant located at Xintiandi (新天地) in the Shanghai French Concession area. It is extremely popular with the Chinese elites as well as foreign executive expatriates. The restaurant serves scrumptious Thai food in a convivial environment. The menu offers a variety of perennial Thai favourites such as Tom Yam Seafood Soup (50RMB), Wok Fried Squid with Tom Yum Paste (68RMB), and Soft Shell Crab with Pork Floss (RMB68). Our favourite dish was the Tom Yam soup! The soup base was rich and feisty, and the seafood was fresh and delicious. Service was prompt too, despite the restaurant being fully packed.
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