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M2 Optics develops and manufactures customized optical fiber solutions for several critical testing and networking applications.  Designed by engineers for engineers, every solution is geared to maximize value, efficiency, and versatility to help you achieve your project goals.Get more news about customized passive optical splitter (https://www.fiberopticplc.com),you can vist our website!

A complete portfolio of professional optical fiber platforms for network simulation and optical time delay applications.  Fiber Labs offer all types and lengths of fiber along with endless configurations for accurately simulating a field network or deploying precision delays.
Save the maximum amount of rack space possible when deploying passive optical taps, splitters, and WDM / CeX solutions using a 1RU or 3RU high-density SplitLight chassis.
Save time and money by instantly detecting fiber breaks, tampering, and intrusions in your optical network using this all-in-one fiber monitoring system that supports up to 64 fibers in just 1RU of rack space.
Bring a complete P2P or PON field to any location using M2's set of portable OTDR training and demonstration solutions.  Offering multiple lengths of fiber along with in-line events (connectors, splitters, and splices), these solutions make training and demos easy.Contact M2 Optics and speak with a fiber expert who will help you determine the most efficient, value-driven solution for your engineering project.