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: NOW Wallet Is One of the First Wallets to List ApeCoin
: upamfva 18 2022, 05:34:27
NOW Wallet Is One of the First Wallets to List ApeCoin

NOW Wallet is one of the first crypto wallets to add ApeCoin into the range of available currencies. APE is a ERC-20 token created by the ApeCoin DAO ecosystem for the Bored Ape community. The token was launched just a few days ago and quickly became one of the most trending ones on the crypto market. To get more news about rofx net (https://www.wikifx.com/en/dealer/5451844975.html), you can visit wikifx.com official website.

ChangeNOW made a special offer for its users: they can swap APE at a 0.2% discount through 11:59pm GMT+1 March 25 using the promocode E3307993B43A.

We always look to integrate the best solutions for our users and list the coins that are most in demand among our customers. Just follow our updates: soon more prominents cryptos such as Monero will be released in NOW Wallet. said Mike Ermolaev, the Head of PR at ChangeNOW.

New currencies for storage and exchange are constantly being added to NOW Wallet. Together with ApeCoin, Solana, Avalanche, and Ethereum Classic have recently made their way to the app. At this point, NOW Wallet supports over 380 digital assets.

BNB Staking
Comparing it to mining, staking crypto is a very easy and safe way to generate income which is less harmful to the environment. Staking the proof-of-stake coin of your choice will provide passive profit that increases over time. The process is relatively straightforward that can be understood by crypto enthusiasts of any level.

ChangeNOW users have been able to stake crypto through the exchange platform for quite some time, and now this option became available in NOW Wallet as well. At this moment, customers can already start staking Binance Coin, but more assets for staking will be added soon. Both Android and Apple users can access the feature after updating the app.

The Head of PR at ChangeNOW Mike Ermolaev commented on the update: NOW Wallet is one of the biggest products of ChangeNOWs ecosystem so were trying to make it as convenient and versatile as possible. Thanks to the latest upgrade, NOW Wallet users can now not only swap, manage, and store crypto, but also stake BNB and other assets in the nearest future.

About ChangeNOW
ChangeNOW is a limitless crypto exchange and processing platform offering fast crypto swaps with no hidden fees. As one of the largest advocates for mass crypto adoption, ChangeNOW seeks to create a secure, private, and intuitive environment for users.

ChangeNOW offers its user-friendly website and a mobile app available on the AppStore and Google Play for fast, transparent, and secure crypto swaps.

With over 380 crypto assets and about 60 fiat currencies to choose from, transactions start at $2, have no upper limit, and are completed within five minutes on average.