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Название: Competition Specialities Welded Chambered Muffler 430402
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Competition Specialities Welded Chambered Muffler 430402

These CSI(R) Mufflers are an American built chambered performance muffler. A Fully welded design made from 16 gauge aluminized steel, you will get years of great sound, looks, and performance.Get more news about Chambered Muffler (http://www.aodd-pump.com/),you can vist our website!

Aggressive and Powerful Exterior Exhaust Tone
16 Gauge Aluminized Steel
3 In. Center Inlet
2-1/2 In. Dual Outlets
Made In The USA
Warrantied Free from Defects in Material/Workmanship for 1 Year
Looking for a great sounding muffler that won't break the bank? Speedway Welded Chamber mufflers offer many high-end features at a budget price. These 2-chamber mufflers provide an agressive exterior tone while eliminating the interior "drone" found in single baffle designs. Plus, the twin baffle design creates a scavenging effect to help pull the exhaust through the muffler, increasing horspower and torque. They feature a fully welded steel case with no internal packing to burn up or blow out. Quality stainless steel construction ensures long life and durability.

Heavy wall 304 stainless material with fully welded seams
Twin interior baffles reduce interior noise levels while delivering deep, powerful tone
Design eliminates the “drone” found in single baffle designs
Choose from a variety of inlet & outlet sizes and configurations
Compact 9.75” x 13” body with an overall length of 19”
Plain unpolished finish
2.50" diameter
Offset inlet
Centered outlet
Sold each